Tools to manage 'Tesouro Direto' information.

pip install tesouro-direto==0.1.0



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Set of tools to allow automated information recovery from your "Tesouro Direto" account.


To install the tool the easiest way is to use pip:

pip install tesouro-direto


Here is a sample configuration file:

# The credentials to access the tesourodireto.bmfbovespa.com.br website.
# This is necessary to the tool to get your information and send it to you.
    cpf: "00000000000"
    password: "secret"

# SMTP settings for email sending. If port is not specified, the default
# value is 25. Provide the username and password if necessary.
    server: "mail.mydomain.com"
    port: 587
    username: "user"
    password: "secret"

    from: "me@mydomain.com"
    to: "you@yourdomain.com"

Available tools

The main goal of this module is to generate an email that keeps you updated regarding your titles. It also aims to provide some numbers that you can use to have a better idea of how your money is working for you.

Email Report

The email report allows you to have very in depth view of your titles. It lists them based on the brokerage and them on the titles you have.

Besides that it will provide the following information:

  • Summaries of all your titles;
  • Calculations about your title current situation.

Here is a sample email screenshot: (todo)

Configuring Crontab

You can configure crontab to call the program above. This way you can have a automated email at the time and periodicity that you like.

Work Days Calculation

There is a simple module that can calculate the amount of work days between two dates based on Brazilian national holidays. You can use it in your program if you like by importing the module.