Create, view and export LaTeX assets (equations, figures, tables, etc.)

pip install texpro==0.9.1


TeXpro is a collection of wrapper classes to display and save objects used in Tex projects, such as tables, plots, images, equations, and tex snippets. The wrapper classes display these assets as rich content in Jupyter Notebooks, while saving them as separate .tex files that can be readily included in any (La)TeX document. Thus, with minimal code and without copy-pasting, results can be shown in a Jupyter notebook, main TeX document, TeX presentation, and other documents. TeXpro maintains a consistent folder and file structure, based on the TeX labels.


For an interactive example, see example/texpro_demo.ipynb and the example TeX file example/texpro_demo.tex.


TeXpro is build using flit. To build the package, (i) install flit, (ii) download the source code and (iii) run the following command inside the main folder:

python3 -m flit install -s

This will install the required dependencies as well as TeXpro.