A small library to convert text numbers to digits in a string

pip install text2digits-careless25==0.0.2



pip3 install text2digits


Python 3 only!

from text2digits import text2digits
t2d = text2digits.Text2Digits()
t2d.convert("twenty ten and twenty one")
> 2010 and 21

It can handle a variety of phrases. Spoken/Informal and formal language:

"A random string" -> 'A random string'
"I am thirty six years old with a child that is four. I would like to get him four cars!" -> 'I am 36 years old with a child that is 4. I would like to get him 4 cars!'
"I was born in twenty ten" -> 'I was born in 2010'
"I was born in nineteen sixty four" -> 'I was born in 1964'
"I am the fourth cousin" -> 'I am the 4 cousin'
"I am twenty nine" -> 'I am 29'
"it was twenty ten and was negative thirty seven degrees" -> 'it was 2010 and was negative 37 degrees'
"thirty twenty one" -> '3021'
"one thousand six hundred sixty six" -> '1666'
"one thousand and six hundred and sixty six" -> '1666'
"sixteen sixty six" -> '1666'
"eleven hundred twelve" -> '1112'
"Sixteen and seven" -> '16 and 7'
"twenty ten and twenty one" -> '2010 and 21'
"I was born in nineteen ninety two and am twenty six years old!" -> 'I was born in 1992 and am 26 years old!'
"three forty five" -> '345'

I find this useful if using Alexa/Lex to convert audio to text and have to convert the text to digits.


  • Still need to add support for decimal numbers
  • Need to add support for negative numbers


I have heavily used code from the SO answers from here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/493174/is-there-a-way-to-convert-number-words-to-integers and improved upon them