Data pipelines for the fastMRI dataset in TensorFlow.

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pip install tf-fastmri-data==0.0.6



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Built around the API, tf-fastmri-data offers reliable, unit-tested, datasets for the fastMRI dataset.


Currently, you need to install the package from source:

git clone
cd tf-fastmri-data
pip install .

Example use

from tf_fastmri_data.datasets.cartesian import CartesianFastMRIDatasetBuilder

train_dataset = CartesianFastMRIDatasetBuilder(path='/path/to/singlecoil_train').preprocessed_ds


To download the data, you need to consent to the fastMRI terms listed here. Afterwards, you should receive an email with data download links.

You can then use the environment variable FASTMRI_DATA_DIR to indicate where your fastMRI is. This will allow you to not have to specify the path when instantiating a FastMRIDatasetBuilder.


The PyTorch equivalent of this library is simply the official fastMRI repository. In particular, the data folder is where you find the data utils.


You can run the benchmark script with the following command:

FASTMRI_DATA_DIR=/path/to/fastmri python

Currently the benchmark gives the following output:

Multi coil with tfio loading (random slice): 0.369743709564209s per-file.
Single coil with tfio loading (random slice): 0.02855397939682007s per-file.
Multi coil with h5py loading (random slice, without preprocessing): 0.010439331208042165s per-file.
Single coil with h5py loading (random slice, without preprocessing): 0.0015996736497735258s per-file.
Single coil training with tfio loading: 0.04578723907470703s per-step.

You can also see the recommendation of TensorBoard regarding the single coil dataset (with a very simple model):

TensorBoard reco


If you use the fastMRI data or this code in your research, please consider citing the fastMRI dataset paper:

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