Tikki Field Aptitude Performance Data Collection Platform

pip install tikki==0.9.5


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Tikki is the application for collection and management of field aptitude perfomance data of Finnish reservists. Key features are easy and fast result recording and controlled authorization of results. The development of the app is managed by Lisää liikettä program, led by the Finnish Reservist Sports Federation (RESUL).


Tikki is an open source project managed by the Reserviläisurheiluliitto Ry (RESUL). https://resul.fi/


The service runs on Python 3.6, and currently supports Postgres 9.3+. Since database connections are done using SQLAlchemy, support can easily be added for other database types that support full JSON semantics.

Developer's guide

Below are instructions for initializing and operating the development environment.

Initializing development environment

We recomment using pipenv for managing a virtualenv, which can be installed as follows:

pip install pipenv
pipenv --install --three -r requirements.txt

Installing local development database

We recommend installing using a dockerized Postgres 9.3+ database for development. To do this, run the following

docker run -d -p 5432:5432 --name tikki-postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=tikkipwd postgres

Creating new database migration

Tikki uses alembic to manage database revisions. To create a new migration run tikki using the --create (or -c for short):

python tikki --create "my new migration"

Bumping dependencies

requirements.txt is dynamically generated with pinned versions using pip-compile from setup.py and requirements-dev.in, tha latter which contains dependencies only needed for developent. It is recommended to regenerate requirements every once in a while with the following command:

pip-compile -U --output-file requirements.txt setup.py requirements-dev.in

This overwrites the old version of requirements.txt with the most recent pinned versions of all dependencies.