Port forwarding with traffic shaping

pip install tinap==0.2



tinap -- stands for "This Is Not A Proxy"

It's also a beautiful place in Bangladesh with the biggest waterfall of that country.

The Urban Dictionary also says it's "young people who go to rave parties who are dressed in bright and extreme styles of clothing".


  • protocol-agnostic port forwarder
  • Network traffic shaping inspired from tsproxy


Tinap is a pure Python script, you can install it with:

$ pip install tinap

If you are under windows you need to install pywin32 as well:

$ pip install pywin32

How to use

Tinap has a few general options, followed by a mode (forward or socks):

$ tinap --help
usage: tinap [-h] [-v] [--host HOST] [--upstream-host UPSTREAM_HOST]
            [--port PORT] [--upstream-port UPSTREAM_PORT]
            [--port-mapping PORT_MAPPING] [-r RTT] [-i INKBPS] [-o OUTKBPS]

Tinap port forwarder

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose         Verbose mode
--host HOST           host
--upstream-host UPSTREAM_HOST
                        upstream host
--port PORT           port
--upstream-port UPSTREAM_PORT
                        upstream port
--port-mapping PORT_MAPPING
                        Comma-separated list of port forwarding rules each
                        rule is composed of <source_host>:<source_port>/<targe
                        t_host>:<target_port> Example (forwards port 80 and
                        443 to 8080 and 8282):,127
-r RTT, --rtt RTT     Round Trip Time Latency (in ms).
-i INKBPS, --inkbps INKBPS
                        Download Bandwidth (in 1000 bits/s - Kbps).
-o OUTKBPS, --outkbps OUTKBPS
                        Upload Bandwidth (in 1000 bits/s - Kbps).

Configuration examples

XXX show 2 full setups: - firefox <> tinap <> wpr - firefox <> tinap <> mitmproxy