Simple font chooser for Tkinter

tkinter, fontchooser, python
pip install tkFontChooser==1.0.3



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A simple font chooser for Tkinter that allow the user to select the font family among the fonts available on his/her system. The size and style (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough) of the text can be set too.

This module contains a FontChooser class which implements the font chooser and an askfont function that displays the font chooser and returns the chosen font when the user closes the font chooser. The font is returned as a dictionary like the one returned by the function tkFont.Font.actual.

The documentation is also available here:


  • Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Python 2 or 3 with tkinter + ttk (default for Windows but not for Linux)


  • Ubuntu: use the PPA ppa:j-4321-i/ppa

    $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:j-4321-i/ppa
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install python(3)-tkfontchooser
  • Archlinux:

    the package is available in AUR

  • With pip:

    $ pip install tkfontchooser


askfont(master=None, text="Abcd", title="Font Chooser", **font_args)

Open the font chooser and return a dictionary of the font properties. This dictionary is similar to the one returned by the actual method of a tkinter Font object.

{'family': str,
 'size': int,
 'weight': 'bold'/'normal',
 'slant': 'italic'/'roman',
 'underline': bool,
 'overstrike': bool}

General arguments

master : Tk or Toplevel instance
parent window
text : str
sample text to be displayed in the font chooser
title : str
dialog title

Font arguments

family : str
font family
size : int
font size
slant : str
"roman" or "italic"
weight : str
"normal" or "bold"
underline : bool
whether the text is underlined
overstrike : bool
whether the text is overstriked


    from tkinter import Tk
    from tkinter.ttk import Style, Button, Label
except ImportError:
    from Tkinter import Tk
    from ttk import Style, Button, Label
from sys import platform
from tkfontchooser import askfont

# create main window
root = Tk()
style = Style(root)
if "win" == platform[:3]:
elif "darwin" in platform:
bg = style.lookup("TLabel", "background")
label = Label(root, text='Chosen font: ')
label.pack(padx=10, pady=(10,4))

def callback():
    # open the font chooser and get the font selected by the user
    font = askfont(root)
    # font is "" if the user has cancelled
    if font:
        # spaces in the family name need to be escaped
        font['family'] = font['family'].replace(' ', '\ ')
        font_str = "%(family)s %(size)i %(weight)s %(slant)s" % font
        if font['underline']:
            font_str += ' underline'
        if font['overstrike']:
            font_str += ' overstrike'
        label.configure(font=font_str, text='Chosen font: ' + font_str.replace('\ ', ' '))

Button(root, text='Font Chooser', command=callback).pack(padx=10, pady=(4,10))