Frequently used utilities and code.

pip install tlx==0.1.125



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Tools for working with AWS.


pip install tlx

CLI apps

Tools that should be in the awscli but aren't or don't function well. All have --help for details.

All CLI applications have their own detailed help menus. Currently available tools are:

function description
get-aws-creds returns temporary session credentials. Locally mock AWS runtime environments, debugging IAM etc
dynamo-batch-write loads scan results into a dynamo table. Much better than awscli option
$ dynamo-batch-write --help
Usage: dynamo-batch-write [OPTIONS]


  Loads the results of a scan opperation into a table.

  Takes the output of a `scan` operation such as: `aws dynamodb scan --table-name <TableName>`
  and writes to an existing table. Similar to the `aws dynamodb batch-write-item` command except:
      - No limit to amount of items in the upload (25 with awscli)
      - Take the output of a table scan, requiring no reformatting

  -d, --dump-file FILENAME  File dumped from dynamodb with a `scan`.  [required]
  -t, --table TEXT          Table to send data to. Table must exist and key schema must match.  Use `aws dynamodb
                            describe-table --table-name <TableName>`  [required]
  -h, --help                Show this message and exit.

Module Summary

Import these in a python program or shell.

function description
tlx.apigateway Reduce boilerplate when using proxy response lambdas with API Gateway
tlx.dynamodb clear_table, batch loaders for csv bigquery and functions for nested data reliably
tlx.util Extra tools such as: better boto3 Session, generic paginator that works on all boto3 calls + more

See Submodule docs for more examples.

Light install

If this grows too large it may become a namespace package so that individual parts can be installed easily. But until that time if you need a tool and only that tool, say for a deployment to AWS lambda or GCP App Engine, then:

  1. Do a local install without dependencies: pip install --no-deps -t package/location/ tlx
  2. Run your project and install the dependencies as you encounter import errors.