python tracelogging for windows

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pip install tracelogging==0.1.5


TraceLogging for Python

This small package implements a TraceLoggingProvider for publishing ETW events in Windows.

Use at your own risk.


  • python 3.8.x


pip install tracelogging


All usage examples are assuming an enabled EventTrace session for the provider(you can use EtwConsumer)).

TheFollowing examples are taken from here

Basic logging for the extremely lazy

Similar usage to python's own logging. No handlers, no formatters, no exception method, no format or additional arguments supported.

The name given to a provider will be used to generate the appropriate GUID the same way TraceEvent does.

import tracelogging
log = tracelogging.getLogger('MyLoggerName')

log.warning('be careful')
log.critical('oh no!')

Defining your very own provider

Defines a provider named PythonProvider that can publish an event named BasicEvent without any additional data

from tracelogging import Provider, event

class PythonProvider(Provider):
    @event() # mind the parentheses
    def BasicEvent(self):

log = PythonProvider()

Advanced usage

You can override the provider's Name directly by setting the Name class member to whatever you wish. Same can be done with the Guid member, by setting it to an instance of UUID with the desired value.

You can set values for the event's descriptor using the event decoraotr, just like you would with TraceEvent (or EVENT_DESCRIPTOR struct). You may also specify an override to the event name.

In order to add data to the event, you must use python's type-hinting with the supported types(see Types)

from tracelogging import Provider, event, Types, TraceLevel

class PythonProvider(Provider):
    Name = 'Company-Product-Component'

    @event(Name='FileSize', Id=1, Level=TraceLevel.Warning, Keyword=0x01)
    def not_a_nice_event_name(self, file_path:Types.UnicodeString, file_size:Types.UInt32):
        print('this will be called after the event is written, if you wish to implement anything here')

log = PythonProvider()
log.not_a_nice_event_name('C:\\windows\\system32\\calc.exe', 0x1000) # will send event named 'FileSize'

Current supported types

Type Python Description
UnicodeString str null terminated UTF-16 string
CountedUnicodeString str size prefix (WORD) followed by UTF-16 string (not terminated)
UInt32 int unsigned DWORD
Int32 int signed DWORD
UInt64 int unsigned QWORD
Int64 int signed QWORD


  • Read contents of TraceLoggingProvider.h header for more info
  • Most logic is performed during provider class definition. Instantiation only registers and 'sets' the provider as one capable of sending self-described events
  • Providers can inherit events from base classes, though doing so is discouraged.
  • Internal code uses a sort of singleton to prevent multiple instances of the same provider




set environment variable TLG_LOG to the desired log level (1 for high verbosity, 0 to turn off)