Library for creating system tray applications, based on Moses Palmér's 'pystray' library

systemtray, tray, app
pip install trayapp==0.1.4



based on Moses Palmér's pystray library!

Simple library for creating system tray applications.

PyPI version MIT License


with TrayApp(name='Test',  # the little tooltip, seen when hovering over the icon
             icon_path=Path('../path/to/the/image.png'),  # anything that can be transformed into a PIL.Image
             icon_size=(256, 256,)  # size to create the thumbnail
             ) as app:
    # create the menu shown when icon gets right-clicked here
    app.add_button(text='hello world',
                   action=print,  # method to call when clicked
                   args=('hello world',),  # arguments, optional, in a tuple
                   # determines wheter the function gets called when the icon is left-clicked
                   # optional, default to False, can be obviously only used once per app
    app.add_separator()  # well...
    with app.add_submenu(text='SubMenu') as submenu:  # submenues can be created by using a context manager within
        with submenu.add_submenu(text='first subsub') as first_sub_sub:  # and recursivly as well
            first_sub_sub.add_button(text='1.1', action=print, args=('1.1',))
            first_sub_sub.add_button(text='1.2', action=print, args=('1.2',))
        with submenu.add_submenu(text='second susub') as second_sub_sub:
            second_sub_sub.add_button(text='2.1', action=print, args=('2.1',))
            second_sub_sub.add_button(text='2.2', action=print, args=('2.2',))
        # any add_button(), add_separator(), add_submenu(), add_radiobuttongroup() can be used here
        # just remember to add them to the right submenu        

    # a RadioButtonGroup is a group of buttons which can be used to select something
    # trying it out might be the best way to understand it
    with app.add_radiobuttongroup() as rbg:  # used with a contextmanager as well
        rbg.add(text='world', selected=True)  # selected determines the item which is selected on creation

RadioButtonGroup example:

items = (

# you NEED to provide the group itself since just state would be by value
def print_selected(rbg): print(items[rbg.state])

selected_item = 3  # saved outside and updated when the app is closed

with TrayApp(name='Test',
             icon_size=(256, 256,)) as app:

    with app.add_radiobuttongroup() as rbg:
        for index, item in enumerate(items):
            rbg.add(text=item, selected=index == selected_item)
    # to check if it works
    app.add_button(text='print the selected', action=print_selected, args=(rbg,), default=False)


MIT, see the LICENSE file