Utility library for the Trio async/await framework

python, trio
pip install trio-util==0.7.0


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An assortment of utilities for the Python Trio async/await framework, including:

  • wait_any, wait_all, move_on_when - avoid nursery blocks for simple cases
  • AsyncBool, AsyncValue - value wrappers with the ability to wait for a specific value or transition
  • periodic - periodic loop which accounts for its own execution time
  • @trio_async_generator - decorator which adapts a generator containing Trio constructs for safe use
  • azip, azip_longest - async zip with parallel iteration
  • RepeatedEvent - if you really, really want to reuse an event
  • and more (... obscure stuff you probably don't need)!

See the online documentation for details.


pip install trio-util


What attributes make a good utility function or class?

  • of general use, intuitive, hard to use incorrectly
  • makes code more readable and reduces cognitive load
  • already vetted for a length of time within a project, ideally used by multiple developers

If you have something that would be a good fit for trio-util, please open an issue on GitHub. We'll want to review the design, naming, and documentation.


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