Download tweets as csv for a given twitter handle

pip install tweets-dl==0.1.3



Python script to download tweets for a given twitter handle or multiple twitter handles. It returns the tweets in csv format.


pip install tweets-dl

Running the Script

Run the following command in command line. Replace twitter_user_* by the official twitter handle of the user whose tweets need to be downloaded. You can specify any number of user names separated by space. If you do not specify a csv filename, the tweets will be saved in a file tweets.csv.

tweets-dl filename.csv twitter_user_1 twitter_user_2


A word of caution if using the default key and secret; one might experience "rate limit exceeded" by Twitter upon simultaneous usage. In that case, get your consumer key and consumer secret from Twitter by following these steps:

Go to
Fill in the details of the application to connect with the API
Click on Create your Twitter application
Details of your new app will be shown along with your consumer key and consumer secret
Save the key and secret.

Running the script with your consumer key and secret

tweets-dl --key <your_key_from_twitter> --secret <your_secret_from_twitter> filename.csv twitter_user_1 twitter_user_2 twitter_user_n


Vaishali Garg


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details