twipper - is a Twitter API wrapper for both free and premium plans developed on Python

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pip install twipper==0.1.6


twipper - Twitter Wrapper written in Python

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twipper is an acronym that stands for Twitter wrapper; so the package is made in order to cover Twitter API endpoints defined as Python functions for both Free and Premium plans, which they both include batch and stream processing functions.


In order to get this package working you will need to install it using pip by typing on the terminal:

$ python -m pip install twipper --upgrade

Or just install the current release or a specific release version such as:

$ python -m pip install twipper==0.1.6


As twipper is a Twitter Wrapper written in Python its main purpose is to wrap all the available endpoints listed on the Twitter API for both versions (Free and Premium), so to use them from a simple function call. So on the main step is to validate Twitter API credentials since they are mandatory in order to work with the Twitter API.

import twipper

cred = twipper.Twipper(consumer_key='consumer_key',

Now once the Twipper credentials object has been properly created we can use it in order to work with the Twitter API using Python. In the case that we want to retrieve data from Twitter based on a query, e.g. we want to search cat tweets to analyze its content to launch a cat campaign for our brand (random example because everybody loves cats).

from twipper.batch import search_tweets

tweets = search_tweets(access=cred,

So on, using batch functions you can retrieve historical tweets from the last 7-30 days matching the introduced query, in this case the query is cats due to our cat campaign, remember it. Anyways, params can be adjusted to our desires and/or needs as described on the API Reference.


As this is an open source project it is open to contributions, bug reports, bug fixes, documentation improvements, enhancements and ideas.

Also there is an open tab of issues where anyone can contribute opening new issues if needed or navigate through them in order to solve them or contribute to its solving.


This package has been created in order to cover Premium Twipper API functions since tweepy, the most used Python package working as a Twitter API wrapper. Anyways, twipper also covers both Free and Premium functions, which include batch processing and stream processing.

Conclude that this is the result of a research project, so this package has been developed with research purposes and no profit is intended.