a small utility to collect twitter mentions in a certain period and post them to backlog as an issue

backlog, twitter
pip install twitter2backlog==0.0.2


What is twitter2backlog

twitter2backlog is a utility to collect twitter mentions to your account and post them to Backlog as an issue.




If pip is installed on your system, you can install by

pip install twitter2backlog

NOTE: pip installation itself is also very easy if you have setuptools like

easy_install pip


If you want to use the latest (unstable) release, checkout source code and then run

git clone git://
python install

How to use

To run twitter2backlog, you need 2 configuration files, one for twitter and the other for Backlog. Both of them have to contain authentication information to access their API.

Twitter configuration

First, you have to create your application on To do this, go to and fill in the form. Submitting the form will show you a detail information of your application and you will also find the "create my access token" button at the bottom of the page. Click the button and finally you'll get your own access token and access token secret.

Access token

Now, you have enough information, so save it to a file like this.

consumer_key = XXXXXXXXXX
consumer_secret = XXXXXXXXXX
access_token = XXXXXXXXXX
access_token_secret = XXXXXXXXXX

Backlog configuration

Backlog configuration is quite simple, which gives space, username and password with plain text. Example is below,

space = sample
username = XXXXXXXXX
password = XXXXXXXXX


After preparing two authentication files (see above as to details) named twitter.cfg and backlog.cfg, and then run

twitter2backlog -r -H 12 -T twitter.cfg -B backlog.cfg -p TEST

will collect all the mentions created from the 12 hours ago to now and then post them to the Backlog project named "TEST". If you want to run this script periodically, use cron like this.

0 0,12 * * * twitter2backlog -r -H 12 -T twitter.cfg -B backlog.cfg -p TEST

-h flags shows all available options of twitter2backlog.