HQ Trivia Bot For Windows and iPhone

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pip install twohundrediq==1.5



HQ Trivia Bot for Windows Using LonelyScreen


Starting from v1.5

1.5: - Fixed PrettyTable requirement. Shouldn't need to import PrettyTable since you don't use it!


In order to run twohundrediq bot you must have a few pre-requisets installed!

Apart from Python Modules it will help to have already installed Microsoft Build Tools (available here).

You will also need to install Tesseract OCR and py32win. Pip Reqs will take care of the rest of it :)

To install this through pip simply type:

pip install twohundrediq

in console.

To install this from this repo clone or download the repo, cd into the directory and run:

python -install

in console.

Make Sure To Add Tesseract To Your PATH or Change the dir in Python3/Scripts/ The default directory for Tesseract is "C:\Program Files(x86)\Tesseract-OCR".

From there just run:

python twohundrediq

in console.

How To Use TwohundredIQ

alt text

This is what you'll come to when first running the script.

Please Read: You will need to Open LonelyScreen before running the script! If you are on the trial version make sure to keep open the subscribe box but just move it to the side. Go fullscreen in LonelyScreen and do not close any popups just move them out of the way! You have the options on this screen for "help", "start", or "exit". They are kind of dead giveaways what they do.

Anyways type start and hit enter! The program will check to see if LonelyScreen is running or not and if it is it will continue. If not you will have to open LonelyScreen and run the program again.

Once you reach this screen:

alt text

You will have to read what it says and make sure you are connected to LonelyScreen with the game ready to go.

Capturing The Questions:

When it's time for the questions to show up you must press Enter on your terminal. Try to do it once all words have finished moving and things are steady. Then press Enter and wait for the program to send back the answer! Simple as that! (Not all answers may be correct but this has an 8.10 avg. hit rate! You only have to guess two answers hopefully...)

Staying Updated:

Whenever an update comes out you will be able to run:

pip install --upgrade twohundrediq


davidhariri - helped a lot with parsing text and requesting searches