A python util for ubirch anchoring services.

pip install ubirch-python-utils==1.3.9


ubirch library for ubirch anchoring services

This library contains several useful tools used to connect to a SQS or Kafka and anchor messages retrieved from a queue to the IOTA Tangle or the Ethereum Blockchain.


Configuration, connection to a Kafka server and retrieving queues.

To set up the different arguments needed to connect to the SQS Server and to access the ETH Wallet.

from ubirch.anchoring_kafka import *

args = set_arguments(servicetype='ethereum') # Or 'IOTA'

#To access the Kafka server
port = args.port

#To unlock your wallet (if servicename=='ethereum')
password = args.pwd
keyfile = args.keyfile

queue1 = KafkaConsumer('queue1', bootstrap_servers=port)

Polling a topic and processing its messages

Please see ubirch-ethereum-service or ubirch-iota-service to how this library is put into action.


Unit tests are added to test the functionality of all objects provided in this library.

python3 -m unittest discover


This library is publicized under the Apache License 2.0.