A plugin to preview tabular files (CSV, Excel, ...) using csvapi

udata, harvester, Tabular, Preview
pip install udata-tabular-preview==2.0.2


Tabular Preview

A plugin to preview tabular files (CSV, Excel, ...) using csvapi


Install the plugin package in you udata environement:

pip install udata-tabular-preview

Then activate it in your udata.cfg:

PLUGINS = ['tabular']


You can control this plugin behavior with the following udata.cfg parameters:

  • TABULAR_CSVAPI_URL: The URL to your csvapi instance (without trailing slash). ex: https://my.csvapi
  • TABULAR_UI: Choose the UI displaying previews. You can choose between csvapi-front and dataexplorer. Default value is csvapi-front
  • TABULAR_ALLOW_REMOTE: Whether or not to allow remote resources preview. Default value is True
  • TABULAR_MAX_SIZE: Max allowed file size in bytes if defined. Default value is None
  • TABULAR_PAGE_SIZE: fetched data page size. Default to 50


JS dependencies

Install JS dependencies with:

npm install

Then you can package these assets with:

inv assets

(You might need to relaunch these commands when you pull upstream changes).

Python dependencies

Assuming you are in an active virtualenv with udata installed and in the current project cloned repository directory, install all dependencies using:

pip install -e requirements/develop.pip

(You might need to relaunch this command when you pull upstream changes).


Tests are located into the tests folder and be run with:

inv test


Code must pass Flake 8 validation and README should be compatible with PyPI. You can check both with:

inv qa