A plugin to preview tabular files (CSV, Excel, ...) using csvapi

udata, harvester, Tabular, Preview
pip install udata-tabular-preview==2.0.2


Tabular Preview

A plugin to preview tabular files (CSV, Excel, ...) using csvapi


Install the plugin package in you udata environement:

pip install udata-tabular-preview

Then activate it in your udata.cfg:

PLUGINS = ['tabular']


You can control this plugin behavior with the following udata.cfg parameters:

  • TABULAR_CSVAPI_URL: The URL to your csvapi instance (without trailing slash). ex: https://my.csvapi
  • TABULAR_EXPLORE_URL: The URL to your explore instance (without trailing slash). ex: https://my.explore
  • TABULAR_ALLOW_REMOTE: Whether or not to allow remote resources preview. Default value is True
  • TABULAR_MAX_SIZE: Max allowed file size in bytes if defined. Default value is None
  • TABULAR_PAGE_SIZE: fetched data page size. Default to 5


JS dependencies

Install JS dependencies with:

npm install

Then you can package these assets with:

inv assets-watch

(You might need to relaunch these commands when you pull upstream changes).

You can build a production-ready version of JS and CSS assets with:

inv assets-build

You should extract the vue-i18n language files after modifying this plugin with :

inv i18n

Python dependencies

Assuming you are in an active virtualenv with udata installed and in the current project cloned repository directory, install all dependencies using:

pip install -e requirements/develop.pip

(You might need to relaunch this command when you pull upstream changes).


Tests are located into the tests folder and be run with:

inv test


Code must pass Flake 8 validation and README should be compatible with PyPI. You can check both with:

inv qa