Visual style for Urban Grammar AI research project

pip install urbangrammar-graphics==1.2.3


Urban Grammar AI graphics

Visual style for Urban Grammar AI research project

See the Jupyter notebook in examples for an illustration of usage.

Available visual presets:

  • RGB - 0-256 RGB codes

  • COLORS - 0-1 RGB codes

  • HEX - HEX codes (['#333432', '#3b6e8c', '#bc5b4f', '#8fa37e', '#efc758', '#94666e'])

  • DIVERGING - diverging seaborn palette

  • DIVERGING_MPL - diverging matplotlib palette

  • CMAP - matplotlib colormap (6 primary colors)

  • get_colormap(n=18, randomize=True) - Get expanded colormap

  • get_tiles(tiles, token) - Get links to Mapbox tiles. tiles can be "roads", "labels" or "background"

  • north_arrow(f, ax, rotation=0, loc="upper left", size=0.02, linewidth=3, color="k", pad=0, alpha=1,) - Create north arrow

north_arrow parameters

f : figure

ax: axis

rotation : float
    rotation of an arrow (in case map is rotated)

loc : string
    location of an arrow

size : float
    float denoting the length/width in terms
    of a fraction of the axis.

linewidth : float

color : string
    color of an arrow

pad : float
    additional padding

alpha : float