Extract and analyze Acoustic Emission measurement data

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pip install vallenae==0.5.4


Vallen AE Python Tools

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Python tools to extract and analyze Acoustic Emission measurement data:

  • vallenae.io: Reading (and writing) of Vallen Systeme SQLite database files (*.pridb, *.tradb, *.trfdb)
  • vallenae.features: Extraction of Acoustic Emission features
  • vallenae.timepicker: Timepicking algorithms for arrival time estimations

Note: A free/lite version of the Vallen AE Suite is available since the release R2020. If offers the basic features for real-time data visualization and analysis with VisualAE. So you could write you own pridb/tradb files and have real-time visualizations with VisualAE.

The Vallen AE Suite can be downloaded here: https://www.vallen.de/downloads/


For full documentation and examples, please visit http://pyvallenae.rtfd.io.


Install the latest version from PyPI:

pip install vallenae

Please note, that vallenae requires Python 3.6 or newer. On Linux systems, pip is usually mapped to Python 2, so use pip<version> (e.g. pip3 or pip3.7) instead. Alternatively, you can run pip from your specific Python version with python<version> -m pip.


Feature requests, bug reports and fixes are always welcome!

After cloning the repository, you can easily install the development environment and tools (pylint, mypy, pytest, tox) with:

git clone https://github.com/vallen-systems/pyVallenAE.git
cd pyVallenAE
pip install -e .[dev]

And run the test suite with tox:


The documentation is built with sphinx:

cd docs
sphinx-build . _build