Wrapper for the Flemish Basketball League's API.

pip install vblapi==1.1.0


MODULE: ezsocket

The Python module 'vblapi' provides a small API wrapper for the Flemish Basketball League's (VBL) data service. Only a portion of the API's functionality is covered as only team-specific information should be requested.

Given the GUID of any team, you can request:
  • the current season's ranking of the team (incl. rankings of other teams)
  • the current season's matches

Retrieving Team GUID

The GUID can be determined by using the actual service at the following link: http://www.vlaamsebasketballiga.be/competitie/resultaten-en-kalender

Find your team(s) of interest, and extract the GUID of those teams by inspecting the embedded frame within the page (urls, AJAX requests, etc.)

The GUID looks like 'BVBLXXXXCCC++T', where:
  • XXXX is the numeric club identifier
  • CCC is the age category (ex. HSE)
  • T is a numeric value that identifies different teams at the same club in the same age category (A->1,B->2,C->3,...)
Ex. BVBL1004HSE++2 is the code given to the following team:
  • 1004 = Port of Antwerp Giants
  • HSE = Heren, Senioren (Male, Seniors)
  • 2 = 'B-Team'

Built-in Tool

This module comes with a simple test tool to check its output.

$ python -m vblapi <GUID>

Running Unit Tests

To run the available unit tests, execute the following command from the project's root directory:

$ python -m unittest