Create virtual machines quickly with virt-builder.

pip install virt-up==2.1.0



virt-up is a command line tool for creating virtual machines quickly on a local KVM hypervisor using virt-builder and virt-install

Virtual machines are created from existing digitally signed OS images, which are downloaded and cached. A template virtual machine is created from the downloaded image. Optionally, an ansible playbook is executed to further customize the templates. Virtual machines are then cloned from the templates to quickly create new instances.

A login user and the ssh keys to connect to the new virtual machines are created automatically. The login user is given sudo access. Connection information is stored in a json meta data file for each virtual machine created. An ansible inventory file is created for the templates and instances to make it easier to run ansible playbooks for further configuration.

Complete documentation here

System requirements

  • Python 3.6+
  • libvirt based hypervisor (qemu/KVM)
  • libvirt, python-libvirt
  • libguestfs-tools (virt-builder, virt-sysprep, virt-clone)
  • libosinfo (osinfo-db)
  • qemu-utils (qemu-img)
  • virt-manager (virt-install)