Visa Card Services API

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pip install visa-api==0.0.2


Open Source Visa API

This requires you to sign up with Visa at

This library currently only provides DPS (pre-paid card monitoring services) since that's all I need.

If you need something else for your project and can't do it yourself I can do it pretty easily probably - just send me a message and I'll help out if I can.


Python 3.5+ - this probably works in Python 2 with compatiblity libs but it's 2020 peeps. :)

Installation & Usage

pip install

pip install visa-api

You want to directly integrate the source?

Execute the below command.

pip install -r requirements.txt

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install -r requirements.txt)

Then import the package:

from visa_dps.VisaSession import VisaSession
from config import Config

active_session = VisaSession(
    Config.username, Config.password, be_noisy=True, use_sandbox=True,
    client_cert="../client_private_key.pem", client_key="../key_file.pem")        


  • Edit the file to set the user, password, and pem fields. Please refer the Visa Getting Started Guide to get the credentials.

Don't sent me pull requests without tests for them please.

Getting Started

It's pretty easy yo. You need to get a project password and username from Visa, and have them create a PEM to encrypt traffic.

Create a VisaSession:

my_session = VisaSession(Config.username, Config.password, be_noisy=True, use_sandbox=True,
                                 client_cert="../cert.pem", client_key="../rosarius.pem")

And then use you use this session with each library call.

card_details = dps_get_card_details(my_session, "7a353971-l4uo-9877-algd-lz1fe25349i9")

There are very verbose docs under the html directory and there is full Google-style docs in the source code itself. Your editor should display help/notes while typing.

##License Copyright (c) Lee Preimesberger / Caprica LLC

This is all MIT licensed - you are welcome to use, include, and hack. You may not though roll this code into a paid-library and claim it's yours. Just be nice and go make something awesome. :)