pip install vizier==0.1dev


Vizier: a python reporting library

Vizier started as a fork of cairoplot adding multi-page PDF support.

Since then, the project has been written from the ground-up and re-imagined to provide a dead-easy reporting and graphing solution for python using cairo. Notable features include

  • bezier line interpolation,
  • handling NaN values,
  • threshold indicators,
  • the creation and management of multi-page documents ("books"), and
  • different types of plots (e.g. rectangle, line, scatter) on one graph

I'd like to point you to the fine work of the contributors and maintainers of the CairoPlot project, who sadly have not had time to continue their work. See CairoPlot's project page on Launchpad. Vizier does not yet provide a comparable level of functionality to cairoplot, whose sources are available here (in a modified form) by checking out the tag cairoplot-merged.

Note: libcairo >= 1.10.1 recommended, to fix a bug with multi-page PDF clipping.

Installing on Windows

Grab a recent version of GTK+, which includes Cairo. You can download an installer here:

Now, get vizier. In the root vizier directory, run:

python install

You should now be able to run one of the examples. Try:

python examples/

If test1.pdf is created and looks slick, you're ready to go!

Quick Example

See examples/ for code that creates a multi-page PDF.