helper library which waits

python, tooling, wait
pip install wait-for-it-to==0.0.20



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This is a library for letting your python code wait for a certain action to complete

short example

Given these functions

import wait_for_it_to
def foo():
  return True

def bar(param):
  x = param
  return False

This would immediatly return

>> wait_for_it_to.be_true(foo)

You can also pass parameters as a list

>> wait_for_it_to.be_true(bar, args=[1])
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "..\wait_for_it\wait_for_it_to\", line 27, in be_true
    raise TimeoutError(msg)
TimeoutError: expected something that evaluates to True, but got False instead

You can also pass a timeout value in seconds

>> wait_for_it_to.be_true(foo, timeout=5)

Quite similar you have the functionality

>> wait_for_it_to.be_false(bar, timeout=5, args[1])
>> wait_for_it_to.equal(bar, False, timeout=5, args[1])
>> wait_for_it_to.not_raise_an_exception(bar, timeout=5, RuntimeError)

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