Wallet service API SDK

pip install wallet-sdk-Noah-Huppert==1.1.0


Wallet Service

Generic service to record user transactions.

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The purpose of this service is to track the amount of value associated with a user.

Only trusted clients can add and remove value. These clients are named authorities. The service uses ECDSA key pairs to authenticate API calls from authorities.

A Python 3 SDK (pip package wallet-sdk-Noah-Huppert) is provided.

See the server/ and py-sdk/ directories.

Version Compatibility

Versions Overview

There are several different versions used in this project:

  • API version: API semantic version. The API server will run under the path /api/v<major>.
  • Python SDK: PyPi semantic version of the Python client package.
  • Client configuration file schema version: semantic version which identifies the schema used in client configuration files.

All versions increment separately and for different reasons:

  • API version: When any update to the source code of the HTTP API is made. Follows the semantic versioning scheme. Changes to the major version component will cause the server to host under a different /api/v<major> path.
  • Python SDK: Whenever any update to the Python SDK code is made. Follows the semantic versioning scheme.
  • Client configuration file schema version: When the structure of client configuration files changes. Follows the semantic versioning scheme. Major version changes will require that authorities re-deploy their own applications with updated configuration files.

Versions do not have to match other version (ex., The API & Python SDK are not released in lock step). However sometimes one may have to update a component to support a new version of another component (ex., Update the Python SDK to support a new API version).

Version Comparability Matrix

The API version and Python SDK version have a compatibility relationship:

API version Compatible Python SDK versions
0.1.0 0.1.*
1.* 1.*

The Python SDK version and client configuration file schema version have a compatibility relationship:

Python SDK version Compatible client configuration file schema versions
1.*, 0.1.* 0.1.0

Ensuring Compatibility

All components of the wallet service platform automatically check each other's versions to ensure compatibility.

The HTTP API's health endpoint returns the API version. Client configuration files have a schema version field. The Python SDK knows its own version and knows which versions of the API and client configuration schema are compatible.