Wavefront Python Wrapper for AWS Lambda

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pip install wavefront-lambda==0.9.4


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This is a Wavefront python wrapper for AWS Lambda python function handler to send metrics directly to wavefront.


Python 2.7 or 3.6.


To install from PyPi

pip install wavefront_lambda

Environment variables

WAVEFRONT_URL = https://<INSTANCE>.wavefront.com
WAVEFRONT_API_TOKEN = Wavefront API token with Direct Data Ingestion permission. (not required if using WAVEFRONT_PROXY) REPORT_STANDARD_METRICS = Set to False or false to not report standard lambda metrics directly to wavefront.

WAVEFRONT_PROXY = If this environment exist and set to any non-zero value. Will use wavefront proxy. (WAVEFRONT_URL need to set to wavefront proxy hostname)

WAVEFRONT_PORT # wavefront proxy port. default 2878


Decorate your AWS Lambda handler function with @wavefront_lambda.wrapper.

import wavefront_lambda

def handler(event, context):
    # your code

Standard Lambda Metrics reported by Wavefront Lambda wrapper

The Lambda wrapper sends the following standard lambda metrics to wavefront:

Metric Name Type Description
aws.lambda.wf.invocations.count Delta Counter Count of number of lambda function invocations aggregated at the server.
aws.lambda.wf.errors.count Delta Counter Count of number of errors aggregated at the server.
aws.lambda.wf.coldstarts.count Delta Counter Count of number of cold starts aggregated at the server.
aws.lambda.wf.duration.value Gauge Execution time of the Lambda handler function in milliseconds.

The Lambda wrapper adds the following point tags to all metrics sent to wavefront:

Point Tag Description
LambdaArn ARN(Amazon Resource Name) of the Lambda function.
Region AWS Region of the Lambda function.
accountId AWS Account ID from which the Lambda function was invoked.
ExecutedVersion The version of Lambda function.
FunctionName The name of Lambda function.
Resource The name and version/alias of Lambda function. (Ex: DemoLambdaFunc:aliasProd)
EventSourceMappings AWS Event source mapping Id. (Set in case of Lambda invocation by AWS Poll-Based Services)

Custom Lambda Metrics

The wavefront lambda wrapper reports custom business metrics via a metrics registry provided by the pyformance plugin.
Please refer to the code sample which shows how you can send custom business metrics to wavefront from your lambda function.

Note: Having the same metric name for any two types of metrics will result in only one time series at the server and thus cause collisions. In general, all metric names should be different. In case you have metrics that you want to track as both a Counter and Delta Counter, consider adding a relevant suffix to one of the metrics to differentiate one metric name from another.