A client for wave-mqtt integration

wave, mqtt, access, control, entity
pip install wavemqtt==0.0.4


Smart Cities Demonstrator

The smart cities demonstrator is presenting a vision for a unified CONIX framework for sensor data streaming, storage, diagnostics and access control.

Key ideas

Administrative Domain

The collection of sensors, gateways, servers, broker(s), database(s) and access permissions controlled by one entity.

System Bus

A Pub/Sub broker. Currently we are using mosquitto and it is located at stream.conxidb.io.

Data Ingester

Takes everything on the system bus and logs it.

Timescale database

Stores a per-sensor table and exposes a global view of all sensors

Gateway shim library

Common language libraries that registers sensors and properly posts their data on the system bus.

Authentication plugins

Works with mosquitto to update the access control lists based on current permissions/sensor data. We are working on making this work with WAVE right now, but could also imagine other auth styles.

External interface

The API to interacting with the administrative domain. Probably just raw database and mqtt for now.

App submission(not for CONIX y1)

A runtime for applications that allows for more optimal scheduling/resource management.

Roughly sketched architecture



bash scripts/install-wave.sh: Install waved service, python package

wave/python: Python 3 WAVE + MQTT bindings. See example.py for example

wave/wv: CLI tool for WAVE