A tool for creating a timelapse from the Wayback Machine.

pip install waybacklapse==1.0.1



This is a rewrite of the original waybacklapse using docker and phantomjs directly. It eliminates the need for the screenshot-as-a-service node application. You can still get the original version from pip and can checkout the source using the following command:

  • git clone -b v1.0.1 git@github.com:kpurdon/waybacklapse.git

You can view the original README here.

A blog post detailing the changes is here.

Getting Started

Quick Method

Requires Python3 on your system.

  • pip install invoke or conda install invoke
  • invoke runner which will build/start the docker container and run the command-line application. Output will be generated in ./output.

Detailed Method

  • Build the image: docker-compose build
  • Start the container: docker-compose up

To generate a GIF in ./output run: docker-compose run wayback python3 /usr/src/app/waybacklapse.py. You will be prompted for inputs. If you want to specify these values (not answering prompts) you can use the flag options shown by --help.


  • Create a virtualenv/conda-env and activate it
  • pip install invoke
  • invoke test
  • invoke