Various plotting tools on top of matplotlib.

pip install wdplot==0.0.1


WDPlot is a plotting library on top of matplotlib. The library places special importance on avoiding overplotting in scatterplots. The following functions can help to solve this problem:

  • wdplot.prep.estimate_density: does a kernel density estimate, alowing for a scatter plot colored by density.
  • wdplot.bivariate.hexbin: does a hexbin plot, where the transparency denotes density. Coloring can be a third variable or also density.
  • wdplot.bivariate.hist2d: same as above, but with a 2D hist (square bins)
  • wdplot.prep.sliding_window: does a sliding window estimate of a (x, y)-relation
  • wdplot.bivariate.scatter_trendline: makes a scatter-plot with a sliding window trendline on top


Using pip: python -m pip install wdplot

Current state

This package is mostly a collection of plot functions I tend to reuse during my research. There's no tests, and no guarantees for a stable API. Of course, contributions are welcome, but since the code was written for myself, there is much left to be desired regarding clean code and documentation.