Webviz is a static site generator that facilitates automatic reporting and visualization.

pip install webviz==0.0.1


NOTE: this repository is part of the WebViz project developed by Software Innovation Bergen (SIB) in 2018 and is not maintained anymore. If you are looking for the version of WebViz based on Dash, see https://github.com/equinor/webviz-config.

SIB is not involved in the development of the new version.

Webviz Build Status Documentation Status

Webviz is a static site generator that fascilitates producing visualizations using d3 and plotly. Sites can be generated both using markdown and the python interface. Visualizations and other page elements can be added as plugins. See examples/ for example usage. Visualization plugins are found in the visualization/ folder and each has their own set of examples showing usage.

If you want to make a contribution to the project, please read the contribution guidelines.


Python dependencies can be installed with

pip install -r requirements.txt

In addition, building webviz requires npm. When npm is available in your PATH, building and installation can be done with

make build && make install


In order to run the tests of the project, it is necessary to install some additional requirements:

pip install -r dev-requirements.txt

This involves installing the selenium chrome driver.

Packages can be installed in-place which speeds up your feedback loop:

make dev-install

Or you can pass in whatever argument you would like by using this format

make install ARGS=argument


Documentation can be built using

make doc

which creates documentation in docs/_build.

Running An example

To run an example written using the python API, run, for instance:

python core/examples/minimal_example.py

To run an example written using markdown, run, for instance:

python -m webviz core/examples/tutorial/

Note: Running the webviz module from a directory where there exists a webviz/__init__.py causes a fail in Python 2.7! For example when running it from the core/ directory.


Webviz (originally Webportal) was initially written and is maintained by Equinor ASA as a free visualization suite that can be tailored to our needs, and as contribution to the free software community.