This Library accept pandas dataframe, date_column and optional end date If end date is not provide, current today will be use internally by the library

Pandas, Week, by, Dataframe
pip install week-by-week==3.14.0b0


This package "week by Week"

is attempt to have Python library that

  1. Generate week range from pandas dataframe from the first data point date to the current or a given date
  2. Group pandas row into weekly base on the date/timestamp column

Release Log

  1. week-by-week version 3.14.0a0 (Released, June 21, 2022) Weekfly Dataframe capability added
  2. week-by-week version 3.14.0 (Released, June 20, 2022)

Usage after installation

from week_by_week import WeekRange

Instantiate the class get_weeks = WeekRange(df, 'timestamp','2022/06/01', WK_start='sun')

Required parameter are: 1. df -- pandas dataframe 2. timestamp -- date columnin your df 3. WK_start change between 'Mon' to 'Sun' Optional parameter: 1. end_date

call getAllweeks()`` method to retrieve all weeks weeks = get_weeks.getAllweeks()```

And to retrieve data splitted into week range, invoke getWeekData()


To retrieved Pandas Dataframe splited into week invoke the following interface method

for week in get_weeks.retunpandasDF():