(Or, Wayne's Email)

I really love command line tools. Alpine has been a favorite of mine and Mutt is also a rather useful mail client. But I wanted to do some things differently, so I'm working on this project, WEmail.

It's designed for use with my other project Orouboros, a mailserver that cheerfully violates all kinds of standards for MTAs.

To get started, you'll want to create a ~/.wemailrc file. It's a JSON file, because aside from the pesky inability to have trailing commas, it's pretty good otherwise. Here's a sample one to get you started:

    "MAILDIR": "~/mymail/",
    "DEFAULT_FROM": "",
    "": {
        "HEADERS": {
            "From": "",
            "To": "",
            "X-CommonMark": "True",
            "Subject": ""
        "SMTP_HOST": "",
        "SMTP_PORT": 1234,
        "SMTP_USE_TLS": true,
        "SMTP_USERNAME": "person",
        "SMTP_PASSWORD": "this is not a real password",

Oh yeah, you can add "":"" at the end of your blocks, because I don't care about them, and that lets you put commas at the end of everything else.

Anyway, after that you just python3 -m pip install --user wemail and then run wemail.

Now you can run check to check your email, and proc to process your email. While not everything has a help, hopefully there should be enough to get you going. And if you get stuck, feel free to send me an email - you can find my address in Oooh, maybe I should add a command that lets you send me an email for help!