Making testing of UIs fantastic

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pip install widgetastic.core==0.21.6


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Widgetastic - Making testing of UIs fantastic.

Written originally by Milan Falesnik (, and other contributors since 2016.

Licensed under Apache license, Version 2.0

WARNING: Until this library reaches v1.0, the interfaces may change!

Currently the documentation build on RTD is broken. You can generate and browse it like this:

cd widgetastic.core/    # Your git repository's root folder
tox -e docs
google-chrome build/htmldocs/index.html   # Or a browser of your choice

I have set up my Jenkins to build docs on new releases while RTD can't build the documentation.

Projects using widgetastic


pip install -U widgetastic.core


  • Fork
  • Clone
  • Create a branch in your repository for your feature or fix
  • Write the code, make sure you add unit tests.
  • Run tox to ensure your change does not break other things
  • Push
  • Create a pull request