A client to access and use Wiseair API

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pip install wiseair==0.2.6


Welcome to WiseairClient!

WiseairClient is a wrapper to access Air Quality data provided by Wiseair.


Our data are gathered real-time by a distributed and capillar network of sensors. You can find the openapi specification of the API and the data here.


The main files in this repository are:

  • WiseairClient.py: This python module is the bulk of the software.
  • 01-hello-world.ipynb: A "hello world" Jupyter Notebook that shows the functionlities of WiseairClient.
  • 02-hello-world.py: A "hello world" Python script that shows the functionlities of WiseairClient.
  • sampleData.csv: a short sample of the dataset, to give an immediate idea of the featured dimensions


To use WiseairClient:

  1. Download Wiseair App: here the Google Play Store link, here the Apple App Store link
  2. Open the App and register an account.
  3. Visit https://api.wiseair.it/home and login using the credentials of your Wiseair account.
  4. Click "create a new token", insert a name for the token and click "create". The token will appear. Copy it, you will need it in the next step.
  5. Rename "personalAccessTokenMock.csv" in "personalAccessToken.csv".
  6. Open the file with a text editor. Replace XXXXXXXX with your token, and save the file.
  7. This is an example script to download some data and save them in .csv format. Remember to replace "ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_CREDENTIALS_FILE" with the absolute path of the file createad at point 5.
from wiseair.WiseairClient import WiseairClient

#replace "ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_CREDENTIALS_FILE" with the absolute path of the file createad at point 5


from wiseair.WiseairClient import WiseairUtils

##IDO Client

Wiseair has now released IDO, a platform to access insights and actionable information from our proprietary network of sensors. To access these new services, you will need to use the class IdoClient.

Troubleshooting & Feedback

If you meet any problem, please open an issue. If you have cool ideas for new functionalities or you simply want to share with us your opinion, contact us at contact@wiseair.it.