Wordpress CD driver to deploy sites to Rancher environments.

pip install wordpress-cd-rancher==0.2.2


AWS Rancher deployment driver

Packages a site build in a container and deploys it to a Rancher environment.

Requires the 'wordpress-cd' package.

Requires the following environment variables to be made available:

Env var Description Example
WPCD_DOCKER_IMAGE The registry URL to push the container to and to update the Rancher environment to use registry.gitlab.com/myorganisation/myproject:latest
RANCHER_URL The Rancher server API URL https://rancher.myorganisation.com
RANCHER_ACCESS_KEY The Rancher API access key
RANCHER_SECRET_KEY The Rancher API secret key
RANCHER_ENVIRONMENT The Rancher environment ID
RANCHER_SERVICE The Rancher service ID

It first invokes 'docker build' to build the image, and 'docker push' to push it to the registry.

Then, it sends an API request to the rancher server to have it upgrade the image in service.