Build system for OS distributions

build-system, meta-buildtool
pip install xbstrap==0.19.2


xbstrap: Build system for OS distributions

xbstrap is a build system designed to build "distributions" consisting of multiple (usually many) packages. It does not replace neither make and ninja nor autoconf, automake, meson or cmake and similar utilities. Instead, xbstrap is intended to invoke those build systems in the correct order, while respecting inter-package dependencies.

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xbstrap is available from PyPI. To install it using pip, use:

pip3 install xbstrap

Basic usage

See the boostrap-managarm repository for an example bootstrap.yml file.

Installing all tools (that run on the build system) is done using:

xbstrap install-tool --all

Installing all packages to a sysroot (of the host system):

xbstrap install --all

It is often useful to rebuild specific packages. Rebuilding package foobar can be done by:

xbstrap install --rebuild foobar

If the configure script shall be run again, use instead:

xbstrap install --reconfigure foobar