On-disk cache for functions operating on xarray.DataArrays and Datasets

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pip install xrcache==0.0.4


WIP: xrcache | on-disk cache for numerical functions working with xarray

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This is work in progress, things change fast.

What is this?

xrcache provides on-disk caching for functions operating on xarray.DataArray or xarray.Dataset, see xarray documentation.

How does it work?

xrcache provides a decorator that turns a function into a cached function, which means it saves its result to the cache folder as xarray.DataArray or xarray.Dataset and automatically re-uses this result if it receives the same input again.

Hash Philosophy

Each Dataset is assigned a hash for identification. The initial hash for the data has to be provided by the user (see example below). All subsequent hashes are generated deterministically from the hash_input, i.e., the hash of the input data, and hash_function, a hash generated from the signature of the function that is called.

Who needs this?

People who like to work with xarray.DataArray and xarray.Dataset and like to store intermediate results of their workflows locally, and speedup recalculation of intermediate steps.


import xarray as xr
import xrcache as xc

# create a generic named dataset and assign a hash to its `attrs`
ds = xr.Dataset({"bar": ("x", [1, 2, 3, 4]), "x": list("abcd")})
ds.attrs.update({"name": "dataset"})  # <- name your data!
ds.attrs.update({xc.keys.hash: "some_hash"})  # <- important

# define some function that works on the dataset, e.g.
def function(dataset: xr.Dataset) -> xr.Dataset:
    """add square of input"""
    ds = dataset.copy()
    result = dataset.bar ** 2
    new_ds = ds.update({"foo": result})

    return new_ds

# make it a cached function with xrcache
def cached_function(dataset):
    return function(dataset)

Check out the notebooks in /doc.


v0.0.4: Allow func(..., cache=False, hash='some_other_hash') for more fine grained control. Add 3 digits of the hash to the cache file to avoid clashes.

v0.0.3: Add array/dataset names to stored files, introduce @stored, simplify attached data, allow @cached(verbose=True)

v0.0.2: include project description on pypi

v0.0.1: initial commit