Distance-based clustering tool

pip install yacluster==1.0.0



yacluster is a Python library which does distance-based clustering for 2D points. Only Python 3.4+ is officially supported, though other versions may work too. The project uses semantic versioning and is licensed under the MIT license.


The main utility is the yacluster.cluster function which takes two arguments:

  • an iterable which yields two-element point tuples, each containing:
    • a two-element tuple with X and Y coordinates,
    • the actual object being clustered (or its identifier);
  • a distance threshold; if a point is included into a cluster, it must be closer to its centroid than this value.

The function returns an iterable of two-element cluster tuples, each containing:

  • a two-element tuple with X and Y coordinates of the cluster center;
  • a list of objects belonging to the cluster.

Cluster’s centroid is defined as average coordinates of the cluster’s members.


from yacluster import cluster

points = [
    ((1, 1.0), 'Foo'),
    ((1.0, 2), 'Bar'),
    ((2.0, 2.0), 'Baz'),
threshold = 1.1
expected_result =  [
    ((1.0, 1.5), ['Foo', 'Bar']),
    ((2.0, 2.0), ['Baz']),
assert expected_result == list(cluster(points, threshold))


Development requirements are listed in the requirements-development.txt file.

To run tests, execute ./tests.py.

Coding style is checked using flake8 3.x.