A Python wrapper on Net-SNMP

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Panoptes SNMP

A Python wrapper on Net-SNMP

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This library, which is a fork of the excellent EasySNMP library, provides a Pythonic wrapper on top of Net-SNMP C library.


The key differences from the upstream library are:

  • Includes Net-SNMP source code which is used to build shared objects during installation leading to self contained distributions
  • Locks down options for the Net-SNMP library: for example, SNMPv1 is and applications are disabled
  • No MIBs are include in the distribution - this is by design since using symbolic OIDs is slow
  • A Python based implementation of bulk_walk
  • Fix support for tunneled SNMP connections


Install by running the following commands:

pip install yahoo_panoptes_snmp


The API is similar to that of EasySNMP, which is documented here


The implementation of BULKWALK is based on doing BULKGETs and using 'falling out' of the OID tree to terminate.

The method signature is as follows:

def bulk_walk(self, oids, non_repeaters=0, max_repetitions=10):
    Performs a series of bulk SNMP GET operation using the prepared session to
    retrieve multiple pieces of information in a single packet.

    :param oids: you may pass in a list of OIDs or single item; each item
                 may be a string representing the entire OID
                 (e.g. 'sysDescr.0') or may be a tuple containing the
                 name as its first item and index as its second
                 (e.g. ('sysDescr', 0))
    :param non_repeaters: the number of objects that are only expected to
                          return a single GETNEXT instance, not multiple
    :param max_repetitions: the number of objects that should be returned
                            for all the repeating OIDs
    :return: a list of SNMPVariable objects containing the values that
             were retrieved via SNMP


We welcome issues, questions, and pull requests - please have a look at contributing to see how to do so.



This project is licensed under the terms of the BSD open source license. Please refer to LICENSE for the full terms.


Please refer to the CREDITS file for a full list of credits.