pip install yamlcf==0.3.4



Plain YAML, plain CloudFormation command line client. Based on boto3.

Comapres to tool xy

What is the difference to the existing aws cloudformation [...] tool?

  • YAML support. Plain cloudformation json is also supported since json is also valid yaml.
  • Optimized for commandline usage and continous integration tools like jenkins:
    • Easy to see progress: Live log output.
    • Easy to use in build scripts: Waits for success and fails on error.
  • Convention-over-configuration: If you name your cloudformation file mystack.cf.yaml then yamlcf uses by default mystack as stackname.

What is the difference to high-level abstractions e.g. terraform? yamlcf does not extend CloudFormation or introduce a custom DSL, it is just a tool for easier usage. You can simply rely on the given cloudformation documentation of AWS (and the AWS support).

No tool dependency: Just convert your yaml back to json and use the AWS cloud-formation tools.


You need python 3. Install yamlcf via pip:

sudo pip install yamlcf

AWS credentials are looked up in the usual sources (environment, local config file, instance profile, ...)

Tools that fit to yamlcf

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