A program used to search and download songs from Youtube.

pip install youtube-song-downloader==1.0



youtube-song-downloader requires that Python 2.7 is installed as well as ffmpeg.

You can install youtube-song-downloader with pip using:

pip install youtube-song-downloader

or with from the repository using the command:

python install

After installation you will need to configure your save directory with:

youtube-song-downloader --changeSaveDir "save path"


The Quotation (") marks below are needed on the queries in order for the program to register them properly. Make sure that you remember to add them!

Search for song to download with a search query and duration (Default is +/- 5 seconds):

youtube-song-downloader "Artist Name - Song Name" "Minutes:Seconds"

Search and download the first song from a given search query:

youtube-song-downloader "Artist Name - Song Name"

To download a song with the exact duration use:

youtube-song-downloader --exact "Artist Name - Song Name" "Minutes:Seconds"

To specify the buffer (in seconds) on the duration of the song use:

youtube-song-downloader --buffer <Buffer> "Artist Name - Song Name" "Min:Sec"

To download a song by link:

youtube-song-downloader --link <Youtube URL>

To update the directory which files are saved to use the command:

youtube-song-downloader --changeSaveDir "Path to directory"

To use the previous directory use the command:

youtube-song-downloader --usePrevDir

To see the list of commands in the terminal use the command:

youtube-song-downloader --help


To run tests use the command make test

To run the development command line interface use the command:

python "params"


This project is under the MIT License