A simple program to list new YouTube videos and download them

pip install youtube_watcher==0.10.5


Youtube Watcher

A script to list and keep track of youtube user videos.

You can download videos or download them as audio with a single keystroke.

By default it will only show the videos you have not seen. This can be changed with the -s flag. The seen videos will be greyed out.


  • Easily show new videos or show all videos.
  • Show videos based on regex matches.
  • Download videos or download as audio.
  • Download more than one video at once.
  • Mark as favorite and list only favorite videos.


1 - Make sure you have python3 (python3.4) and pip

sudo apt-get install python3 sudo apt-get install python3-pip

2 - Install with pip

Make sure this is pip3

pip3 install youtube_watcher

3 - Get API key

You will need your own API key for youtube. I will not let you use mine.

Go to sign up and get a youtube v3 key.


Before you do anything you should get the youtube v3 api key from step 3

Use youtube_watcher key API_KEY This is required

Add a new user with youtube_watcher add USER NAME

This can be a direct link to the users page or a playlist ID or just a name and my program will search for it.


youtube_watcher add TeamFourStar
youtube_watcher add
youtube_watcher add PL6EC7B047181AD013

You will then need to update the video list with youtube_watcher update NAME

NAME can be left blank to update all of them or can be the name of a user. You can specify some of the name for this, my program will find the closest match.

After you update you want to list the videos. By default this will only list the vidoes you have not marked as watched.

youtube_watcher list NAME

NAME can be left blank again to list all of them or can be any part of the user name.

This will go through each video where you can mark as watched or download. Just follow the on screen instructions.

If you want to remove a user, use youtube_watcher remove username

Key combo's

In the video list

  • a - Download as audio.
  • d - Download as video+audio
  • s - Mark as seen.
  • u - Mark as un-seen.
  • r - Remove video from the list.
  • q - Quit list.
  • f - Mark as favorite.
  • up - Move up in the list.
  • down - Move down in the list.
  • space - Mark as selected. This list will be used for keys a,d,s,u,f

User list

  • Enter - Start showing list.
  • s - Mark all videos as seen.
  • up - Move up in the list.
  • down - Move down in the list.
  • q - Quit.


youtube_watcher list NAME -s -s will show all videos, even the ones you have seen.

youtube_watcher list NAME -r "REGEX" -r will only show videos when their title match the regex.

youtube_watcher list NAME -f -f will only show favorited vidoes.


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