Zabbix-EPICS for Python

pip install zabbix-epics-py==0.1.1


Zabbix sender for EPICS-CA

This package allows to send metrics to a Zabbix server from EPICS records via Channel Access.

See docmentation


Simple install is below.

pip install zabbix-epics-py

Or clone this package and install it.

# clone the repository
git clone
cd zabbix-epics-py
# install zabbix-epics-py
pip install -e .


Before using this program, you should create hosts and items in Zabbix. Type of the items must be set to Zabbix trapper.

Below is a simple example usage. Values of TEST:PV are sent to a Zabbix server at 30 sec intervals and metrics are stored to zabbix-epics-py-test.item key of dummyHost.

>>> from zbxepics import ZabbixSenderCA
>>> server_ip = ''
>>> port = 10051
>>> config = False
>>> items = [dict(host='dummyHost', pv='TEST:PV', interval=30, item_key='zabbix-epics-py-test.item', func='last')]
>>> sender = ZabbixSenderCA(server_ip, port, config, items)

interval is an interval in seconds between sending metrics to Zabbix. If interval is set to monitor, metrics are sent every monitor update.

func determines a function to be applied to a monitored value buffer.

Avalilable funcs are below.

  • last
  • min
  • max
  • avg

For example, a monitored pv is processed 3 times and its value changed to 1, 2 and 3. Then the value sent to Zabbix is 2 if func is set to avg.


Some part of tests run HTTP server on 30051 port to emulate a Zabbix server.

You should concern localhost http access to test correctly. (e.g. HTTP proxy settings)

Run without coverage:

pip install pytest

Run with coverage:

pip install pytest pytest-cov
pytest --cov zbxepics
coverage report -m

Build Documentation

pip install sphinx m2r sphinx_rtd_theme
cd doc/_build/html
make html