Turnstile - Zalando Local Git Hooks (META PACKAGE)

pip install zalando-turnstile==2.0


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Turnstile - Local Git Hooks

Configurable local git hooks.


You can install turnstile using pip:

$ pip install turnstile-core

Alternatively, you can install it using

$ install

Adding and removing turnstile from a repository

To use turnstile in a repository, run turnstile install inside the repository.

To remove turnstile from a repository, run turnstile remove inside the repository.

Configuring turnstile

You can configure the global hook behaviour by running turnstile config.

Currently you can only configure the hook verbosity.

Repository configuration

To use turnstile, you need to add a configuration file named .turnstile.yml to your repository.

You can find an example configuration in turnstile repository and can learn more about the configuration options in the documentation.

Adding subcommands

Turnstile looks for command extensions in turnstile.commands entry points.

To make a new subcommand, create a click command named cmd and add the module with command to your entry points in the 'turnstile.commands' group.

More information

To learn more, check turnstile's documentation.


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