Load / dump Chrome bookmark files

pip install zbookmarks==1.3



$ pip install zbookmarks


A simple python package for loading / dumping Chrome HTML bookmarks. Born out of necessity to fix my own bookmarks.

import zbookmarks

# Load
with open("chrome_bookmarks.html", "r") as f:
    bookmarks = zbookmarks.load_chrome(f.read())

# Print

# Dump
with open("output.html", "w") as f:
    zbookmarks.dump_chrome(bookmarks, f)

How it works

I made this package by examining my own Chrome bookmark files and extrapolating. The general rules are:

  • dl denotes a list of bookmark items and folders.
  • dt denotes either a bookmark item or folder:
    • If it's a bookmark item, dt has a single a tag child, which gives the bookmark attributes (href, title, etc.).
    • If it's a bookmark folder, dt has 3 children:
      • A h3 tag containing the folder attributes (title, etc.)
      • A dl tag containing the folder's contents.
      • A useless p child tag.

I found it easier to come up with these rules after visualizing the DOM tree of a Chrome bookmarks file:

Visualize DOM tree of bookmarks file

You can try it out on your own bookmark file by running:

# You need to install graphviz (dot) in order to run the script
$ sudo apt-get install -y graphviz
$ poetry install
$ python3 scripts/visualize_dom.py <my_bookmarks_file.html>