This project attempts to export a local Zotero library to a usable HTML website.

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pip install zensols.zotsite==0.3.6



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This project exports your local Zotero library to a usable HTML website. This generated website has the following features:

  • Easily access your papers, site snapshots, notes from a navigation tree.
  • Provides metadata from collections and attachments (i.e. referenes etc).
  • Display PDF papers and website snapshot (the latter as framed).
  • Search function dynamically narrows down the papers you're looking for.
  • Embed links to a specific collection, article, item, note etc.
  • Export only a portion of your collection with regular expressions using the collection name.
  • BetterBibtex integration.
  • Snazzy look and feel from the latest Bootstrap CSS/Javascript library.


See the full documentation.


The easist way to install the command line program is via the pip installer:

pip3 install zensols.zotsite

Binaries are also available on pypi.


The tool does the following:

  1. Exports the meta data (directory structure, references, notes, etc) from your Zotero library. On MacOS, this is done by querying the file system SQLite DB files.
  2. Copies a static site that enables traversal of the exported data.
  3. Copies your Zotero stored papers, snapshot (sites) etc.
  4. Generates a navigation tree to easily find your papers/content.

Sample Site Demonstration

See the live demo, which provides a variety of resources found in my own library. Note: To my knowledge, all of these resources are free to distribute and violate no laws. If I've missed one, please create an issue.


The command line program has two modes: show configuration (a good first step) and to create the web site. You can see what the program is parsing from your Zotero library:

zotsite print

To create the stand-alone site, run the program (without the angle brackets):

zotsite export -o <sitedir>

See usage for more information.

Ubuntu and Linux Systems with Python 3.5 or Previous Version

Please read this issue if you are installing a Ubuntu or any Linux system with Python 3.5 or previous version.

Command Line Help

Command line usage as provided with the --help option:

Usage: zotsite <list|export|print|tmp> [options]

--version             show program's version number and exit
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-w NUMBER, --whine=NUMBER
add verbosity to logging
-c FILE, --config=FILE
configuration file
export  Export
-o, --outputdir <string>  ./zotsite  the directory to output the website
--collection <string>                regular expression pattern to match collections

print   Print structure
--collection <string>                regular expression pattern to match collections


This software uses:


Also see the live demo.



  • Make the site portion a proper Javascript site. Right now, all the mins are added in the distribution to same directory as the main navigation/content file.
  • Add functionality to the disabled View button that drills down in a paper and finds a PDF or site to view withouth the user having to do this.
  • Use something like zotxt to make this work with a plugin rather than directly against the SQLite DB.

Zotero Plugin Listing

This is listed as a plugin on the Zotero site.


An extensive changelog is available here.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2020 Paul Landes