Ansible modules managing a IBM Z via the HMC Web Services API.

pip install zhmc-ansible-modules==0.8.4


IBM Z HMC collection

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The IBM Z HMC collection is part of the broader initiative to bring Ansible Automation to IBM Z®. At this point, the collection is made available as the ibm.ibm_zhmc collection on Ansible Galaxy. In the future, the collection is in addition intended to become part of the Red Hat® Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z® offering.

Note: Before version 0.9.0, this collection has been distributed as the zhmc-ansible-modules package on Pypi.


The IBM Z HMC collection provides Ansible modules for automating management tasks on the Hardware Management Console (HMC) of IBM Z and LinuxONE machines, such as creating, updating or deleting partitions and other resources. For guides and reference, please review the IBM Z HMC Collection Documentation.

The IBM Z HMC collection provides sample Ansible playbooks in the IBM Z Ansible Collection Samples repository. The starting point for reading about them is IBM Z HMC Collection Sample Playbooks.


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This collection is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.