Old Norse Zoëga's dictionary

nlp, old-norse, philology, dictionary, corpus
pip install zoegas==1.0.7


Old Norse Dictionary Zoega

Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic parser

With the reader.py module, you can:

  • search a word with an edit distance below a given threshold,
  • extract the POS tags in dictionary entries,
  • search for exact entry and approximate entry.

However POS tag extractor is not very efficient. More special cases need to be handled.

TODO list:

  • look up a word in dictionary
  • search all words in dictionary which are at most at a given edit distance with the query word
  • handle more dictionary entry,
  • process all entries so that we would get virtually all the Old Norse words,
  • for each form, we can associate lemmata with a proposed POS tag.

Elaboration of data

Data come from https://github.com/GreekFellows/lesser-dannatt and http://norroen.info/dct/zoega by Tim Ermolaev. Then utils.first_step() is launched. I modified the files in order to ensure XML syntax consistency, finally utils.second_step() is launched.