Scripts needed to use my directory-history plugin for zsh.

pip install zsh-directory-history==0.1.0



A per directory history for zsh.



zsh-directory-history is a zsh plugin giving you a history which is sensitive to the directory you are in.
It implements forward/backward navigation as well as substring search in a directory sensitive manner.
Since zsh-directory-history includes zsh-history-substring-search, do not load zsh-history-substring-search when loading this plugin.


  • Commands executed in the current directory will pop up first when navigating the history or using substring search.
  • A substring unknown in the current directory, will be searched for globally (it falls back to the normal substring search behavior).

Since the plugin creates its own history (in ~/.directory_history), it needs some time to fill up and become useful.


  1. Install script

      git clone https://github.com/tymm/zsh-directory-history
      sudo cp zsh-directory-history/dirhist /usr/bin/
  2. Activate plugin by appending the following line to your .zshrc file

      source /path/to/directory-history.plugin.zsh
  3. Bind keyboard shortcuts in your .zshrc
    directory-history-search-forward/directory-history-search-backward needs to be bind for forward/backward navigation.
    history-substring-search-up/history-substring-search-down needs to be bind for substring search.
    For example:

      # Bind up/down arrow keys to navigate through your history
      bindkey '\e[A' directory-history-search-backward
      bindkey '\e[B' directory-history-search-forward
      # Bind CTRL+k and CTRL+j to substring search
      bindkey '^j' history-substring-search-up
      bindkey '^k' history-substring-search-down

It is possible that \e[A and \e[B will not work for you. Look here under 2. for more information.

For more information on how to configure substring search, take a look here: https://github.com/zsh-users/zsh-history-substring-search