A Jekyll theme designed for enhanced readability of (long) blog posts

gem install alpha-one -v 0.5.0



A Jekyll theme designed for enhanced readability of (long) blog posts.

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  • Responsive layout (based on Bootstrap 3)
  • Social links
  • Syntax highlighting with embedded pygments-css
  • Gem-based (ie. easy updates!)


Alpha-One offers a default layout and a post layout. The page layout is a redirection to the default layout.


  • Tags listing page
  • Categories listing page
  • Google Analytics integration


For experienced users

Add to Gemfile:

gem "alpha-one"

Add to _config.yml __

theme: alpha-one

See the configuration section bellow for mandatory and extra settings. Create an index.html file; you may wish to copy the one from the demo site to get started quickly.

For Jekyll newcomers

See how to install Jekyll on the official website. Follow the quick start guide Now you should be ready to follow the abode 'For experienced users' section ;)


The following variable can/must be set in _config.yml:

  • title: text shown in the navbar and the footer
  • motto: a maxim shown in the footer, under the title
  • description: used by search engine
  • author (optional): used to add a meta author in the header
  • twitter_username (optional)
  • github_username (optional)
  • linkedin_username (optional)
  • baseurl (optional): path to the root of your website; useful if it is hosted on a subpath
  • png_favicon: name of the png file to be used as favicon; must reside bellow $baseurl
  • header_link_1_label, header_link_1_href (both optional): used to add links in the navbar

A note on table

To prettify your tables, use kramdown and add {: class="table table-striped"} right bellow the table in the markdown file

About pagination

Pagination is not handled by the theme. See Jekyll's doc page on pagination.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub.


The theme is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.